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*4-15-20 COVID-19 Update*

BSC wanted to again update you all on where we stand with Spring soccer in Bigfork. We have already lost the month of April, and our state leagues are not going to even think about starting up until late May at the earliest. Given all of that, I think we can all agree that our Spring season isn’t going to happen, at least not in “Spring”. Whatever soccer we are able to play before the Fall is going to be different than we had originally planned and may be organized in a different format than we are used to.

While we are hopeful to put together some sort of season or camp for these kids during the summer months, the BSC board has decided to issue a full refund for the Spring season dues at this time. If and when there is soccer to be played, we will regroup and worry about payments at that time. You will all remain registered, so don’t worry about losing a spot. It was decided that in these very uncertain times, BSC should not be holding on to money that our community members could be using on essential items.

We will start issuing refunds immediately, but give us a few days to get it all done. Credit card users should see their accounts reimbursed and those who paid by check will receive a check in the mail.

Hopefully we all see each other out on the pitch before the summer is out. Until then, stay safe, pay attention to the science, and enjoy those you are at home with. This too will pass.

Be well and be safe,

Bigfork Strong!


Adam J Baumann


Bigfork Soccer Club


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